Three Salesforce.com Dashboards Every Business Needs

1. The Pipe Gen Dashboard – Early Warning Radar

What’s the purpose of this dashboard ? Shows how your pipeline looks in real time.

Who will benefit from this dashboard ? Sales executives, sales managers & sales reps

When is it typically used? Ideally every week or once every two weeks.

This dashboard summarizes your pipeline and changes to it week over week and lets you keep close attention on progress. Let’s say you are targeting $20 million worth of a pipeline in order to hit $5 million in revenue. Then this dashboard lets you know if you have enough to reach that target.

You can also use this dashboard to quickly spot an underperforming pipeline and take corrective measures with your team. It creates the insight you need to take proactive decisions.

The Salesforce.com Pipeline Gen Dashboard - Forsyth Software Services LLC

2. The AMP Dashboard – Identify where to spend your precious time.

What’s the purpose of this dashboard ?  Are my account executives spending their time & energy wisely?

Who will benefit from this dashboard ? Account executives & sales managers

When is it typically used? Weekly

It’s especially great for remote teams. The AMP dashboard (which stands for Activities, Meetings, and Pipeline) helps you identify where your sales team could better spend their time and resources. Meetings are the most important precursor to a strong pipeline.With AMP one can review the overall interpersonal interactions it takes to close a deal. Calls, emails, chats, text messages , social media messages and more can be summarized with AMP over time hence giving you a very good idea about what the account executive is focused on.

If your Pipe Gen is showing poor results, one of the first places to check is AMP to see if there’s a talent issue. Are your reps landing enough meetings or not? The AMP Dashboard boosts healthy competition and motivation between your account executives and sales teams.

The Salesforce.com AMP - Activity Management Dashboard - Forsyth Software Services LLC

3. The Open Pipeline Dashboard – Track pipeline growth

What’s the purpose of this dashboard ? What’s happening with my open pipeline?

Who will benefit from this dashboard ? All sales

When is it typically used? Whenever you suspect a pipeline problem is impacting sales

This dashboard drills down into your pipeline across sales stages. It identifies deals with no recent activity and stagnant deals. The Open Pipe dashboard will help uncover the culprit! This dashboard will help you monitor the pipeline to make sure it’s expanding, too.

The Salesforce.com Open Pipe Dashboard - Forsyth Software Services LLC


Ultimately, sales dashboards provide perspective and expose weak points as well as successes. They help you take effective action and make informed decisions about your business as a sales leader.
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Success Stories

The Business Challenge: TelPlus a managed services company based out of Atlanta was looking for a new vendor to take over it’s Salesforce.com CRM and help improve it’s performance. The original implementation of Salesforce.com were not completely successful, TelPlus was looking for a trusted partner to work collaboratively on improving the performance, usability and adoption of both Salesforce applications within their call center.

Our Approach: The Forsyth Software Services team worked with the internal IT and business groups, shadowing call center agents and back office users or Salesforce.com. They Proposed a three step approach to improving usability and increasing adoption through simplification of the call center applications. would become and integral part of their operations infrastructure

The Outcome: The solution implementation resulted in a three-fold increase in adoption of Salesforce.com along with improved customer retention and customer satisfaction scores for TelPlus.

The Business Challenge: The original purpose for DAIKIN needing the services of Forsyth Software Services was to help with a Salesforce.com training seminar. With time this transformed into management providing insights into the challenges faced with professional services project management tracking and project accounting.

Our Approach: Forsyth Software Services identified and implemented the AgilePMO salesforce.com based PSA solution which includes all aspects of project tracking like task tracking, project team member tracking, scheduling, time tracking and project accounting.

The Outcome: The solution implementation resulted in a three-fold increase in adoption of Salesforce.com an overall increase in revenue tracking and project billing since a lot of the tasks that were previously accomplished via complex excel were automated within Salesforce.com.

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